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LIMITED EDITION | Batman Short and Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

LIMITED EDITION | Batman Short and Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

Prezzo di listino $35.00
Prezzo di listino $35.00
SAVE 22% Esaurito
Long Sleeve Lavender
Long Sleeve Emerald
Long Sleeve Black
Short Sleeve Lavender
Short Sleeve Emerald
Short Sleeve Black

LIMITED EDITION | Batman Short and Long Sleeve Compression Shirts

Prezzo di listino $35.00
Prezzo di listino $35.00
SAVE 22% Esaurito
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Limited Time Offer: Don't miss out on our exclusive, time-limited opportunity! For a short period only, seize the chance to experience our incredible deal. Hurry in now to enjoy the benefits and savings available, as this special offer will not last long. Act swiftly and make the most of this limited opportunity before it disappears.

Key Features:

  1. Compression Technology: Our shirt employs advanced compression technology that provides targeted support to your muscles, aiding in improved blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue during intense training sessions.

  2. Moisture-Wicking Fabric: Stay dry and comfortable throughout your workout with our moisture-wicking fabric. It efficiently absorbs sweat from your skin and dries quickly, keeping you cool and fresh even during the most demanding exercises.

  3. Breathable and Lightweight: The shirt is engineered with breathable materials, allowing for optimal air circulation and preventing overheating. Its lightweight construction provides a second-skin feel, ensuring unrestricted movement and enhancing your performance.

  4. UV Protection: With built-in UV protection, our compression shirt shields your skin from harmful sun rays during outdoor activities, making it an ideal choice for running, hiking, or any other outdoor sports.

  5. Ergonomic Design: The shirt is thoughtfully designed to contour to your body, offering a snug and supportive fit. The stretchy fabric allows for a full range of motion without any restrictions, enabling you to push your limits and reach new heights in your training.

  6. Versatile and Stylish: Our Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It can be worn as a standalone top or as a base layer under your favourite workout attire, providing versatility and enhancing your style both inside and outside the gym.

  7. Durability and Longevity: We understand the importance of long-lasting performance gear. That's why our compression shirt is made from high-quality materials that are built to withstand intense workouts, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, support, and style with our Long Sleeve Compression Shirt. Whether you're an athlete striving for peak performance or an active individual seeking a reliable workout companion, this shirt is designed to exceed your expectations. Embrace the power of compression and unlock your true potential.

Product Features

Please allow 1-3cm (1 inch = 2.54cm) error because of manual measurement. 

This product has high elasticity, please refer to the size chart to determine whether it is suitable for you.


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